It’s 5-O’Clock Somewhere: Kir Royale

October 4, 2013

For the second installment of our month-long celebration of champagne cocktails, we’re focusing on the berry-hued Kir Royale, a crisp aperitif of dry bubbly and crƒ¨me de cassis, a black currant liqueur. With such a swanky name, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this is a complicated concoction. In fact, it couldn’t be easier (or more delicious). Shall we?


WHAT YOU’LL NEEDCrƒ¨me de cassis liqueur
Dry champagne (chilled, of course)
Berry-colored sugar or fresh currants, for garnish


For each drink, pour 1 part crƒ¨me de cassis into a champagne flute, and top gently with 5 parts champagne. (Be sure to pour the liqueur in first, or else the drink won’t properly combine.) Add a little extra sweetness with sugared rim, or pop in a few fresh currants.