A Darling Interview: Tuna Melts My Heart

September 10, 2013

We’re up to our ears in pup culture this monthpardon the punas we’re ramping up for the fifth anniversary of our #SitStayLove pet adoption campaign. We’ll be celebrating all month long with in-store events , puppy paraphernalia and, of course, our very own #DogsofAnthro crew at the Home Office. Naturally, we thought we had dogs covered, but our dear friends at Darling Magazine introduced us to Courtney Dasher and her sweet, funny Chiweenie named Tuna, whose story tugged at our heartstrings so strongly that we just had to hear more. Take it away, Darlings!


Darling Magazine: With an Instagram account (@tunameltsmyheart) with over 500,000 followers and appearances on the TODAY show, Anderson Cooper and Inside Edition, Tuna is truly a sensation. More than a social media success, though, Tuna’s story is one of friendship, redemption, and love. Intrigued by how much joy Tuna brings the world, we asked Courtney how his presence in her life has taught her and others about what really matters.

DM: Tuna obviously has a Å“unique look, why did you choose to adopt him?
Courtney Dasher: My initial intention was to foster a puppy. When I saw Tuna, I was immediately drawn to his sweetness and his physical differences. After those first few days, I fell in love with Tuna, so I decided to adopt him because I wanted him to know how much he would be loved by me. He’s my best buddy now.


DM: How did Tuna’s popularity grow?
CD: In December of 2012 someone anonymously posted one of his pictures on Reddit.com, which apparently generated a lot of buzz. A few days later, @instagram posted a #weeklyfluff feature of him on their personal Instagram page which is how he initially garnered his following.

DM: Why do you feel Tuna brings people so much joy?
CD: Since he has developed a personality through his funny expressions, coupled with my commentary, I think that people find him humorous and endearing. However, beyond his silly faces, he challenges what most people would find to be beautiful and adorable, which is what makes him unique. I am told daily that he has changed someone’s day and/or has melted their heart.image

DM: What would you tell someone who is considering adopting a dog?
CD: Definitely adopt! Whoever you choose, it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Rescued animals are so grateful and appreciative that they were saved, so as a result, they make the greatest, most loving companions.

See more of tuna here. Photos by Jen McDonald / www.jenmphotography.com.