Our Autumn 2013 Windows

August 30, 2013

With fall just around the corner, we ventured into the woods to forage for inspiration, emerging with an ode to the often overlooked, earthy beauty of the humble mushroom. Behold wide-canopied meadow mushrooms, spreading far and wide; golden proliferations of honey mushrooms drizzled across felled fabric logs; and black-rimmed ink caps, sprouting from the hardwood floor. Larger than larger-than-life, the toadstool tableaus lend a fresh, organic feel to our windows. By the way, did you know that the Mushroom Capital of the World, Kennett Square, PA, is a just stone’s throw from Anthropologie’s home office?

Mushrooms will be popping up in Anthropologie store windows by September 13th. Share a photo of your local store’s fall display on Instagram using #AnthroWindows.