52 Conversations: Reintroducing Our Favorite Anthropologie Prints

June 13, 2018

As you may have noticed over the years, we like a good print here at Anthropologie.

From the dreamy to the dramatic, the witty to the whimsical, statement-making patterns – also known as “conversation prints” – have been a defining characteristic over the course of our 25-year history.  We’ve loved designing them for you as much as we’ve loved wearing them ourselves, which is why we’re so excited to introduce our new limited-edition blouse collection, 52 Conversations. Each month, we’re reimagining four classic Anthropologie prints, making for a year’s worth of chatty outfits.

“Prints can immediately take you to a happy, nostalgic place,” says Lady Soule, Anthropologie’s head of design. “We looked through our archive, and we pulled our very best conversation prints, the ones we know our customer will remember and love. It was so fun to see some old friends again.”

Here, three of our designers share their favorite back-again print.

The “Writer’s Block” print first adorned one of our most beloved pieces, 2004’s cheeky No. 2 Pencil Skirt. One of its many admirers? Lady, who was sketching and doodling long before heading up our design department. “When I was 8 years old, my dad bought me my first set of colored pencils, and he said to me, ‘You’re going to be an artist,’” she remembers.

Although she still keeps a rainbow of colored pencils in her toolbox, Lady’s go-to pencil is of the standard variety. “I like a regular old yellow pencil from the drugstore,” she says. “You know why? They have erasers. You need to erase – you have to make mistakes.”

“Wait, are you going to paint me as some type of crazy flower lady? “ asks Jo Faulkner, a print designer with our home textile team. She pauses briefly. “Actually, I don’t mind that.”

Jo is the talented artist behind some of our favorite florals, including the Del Rey Duvet, the Laterza Collection, and the Topanga Pillows. Growing up in London, the Columbia Road Flower Market was a favorite family outing. “My dad and mom would take me down and we’d pick out flowers for our flowerboxes,” she says. “I’d always pick the same thing – a load of marigolds – and we’d spend the day planting them.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, Jo’s favorite archival print is the dreamy, sun-washed Meadow. “If I’m not painting or drawing flowers, I’m buying flowers,” she says. “Today I’m even wearing flowers. OK, fine, I’m the crazy flower lady.”

Senior print designer Kate Gould is always excited to introduce a playful new conversation print. “I love knowing that we make our customer laugh and smile when she walks into the store,” she says. “No other brand would think about putting something so fun and whimsical on a shirt.”

Originally from England, Kate relocated to Philadelphia eight years ago to join us at Anthropologie. The “Call Me” print reminds her of keeping in touch with loved ones across the pond. “The telephone, to me, represents a link to my family and friends back home,” she says. “As far as I am, they’re only a quick call away.”

Shop the 52 Conversations collection here.