Your Anthropologie Style: Shalice Noel

January 12, 2015

It didn’t take long for us to notice the Instagram feed of Shalice Noel. The moment the Chicago-based mother-slash-stylist-slash-blogger’s snaps started popping up in our #Anthropologie gallery, we had an Insta-crush. How she manages to wrangle four (yes, four!) kiddos without skimping on style is beyond us, yet every day she pulls together an outfit we’d copy in a heartbeat. And it’s not just usher nearly thirty thousand followers clearly agree! Let’s get to know the lady behind the looks, shall we? Take it away, Shalice


The Pina Lace Top.

What does a typical day look like in your world?
It goes something like coffee, cooking, cleaning, styling, reading and blogging. And occasionally I take a breath!

Hectic schedule aside, your style is always spot-ondo you have a go-to move?
When in doubt, shed some layers and pair loud fabrics with muted ones. Always keep it simple. Add a red lip.

In your own words, tell us why you’re a tried-and-true Anthropologie fan.
It’s wearable art. I love mixing and clashing with different textures, prints and patterns to create that one-in-a-million look. If it’s inspiring and unexpected, it must be Anthropologie.‚


The Capivara Pencil Skirt.

What Anthropologie pieces are you coveting right this second?
Thepineapple lace blouse. It has just enough dainty detail that it can transition easily from work to play. I’m loving how chic it looks with a sportyvegan leather moto jacket.

You’ve had so many great Instagram photos featured in our online gallery, what’s your secret?
Good lighting and just having fun with it.


The All Black Pointed Leather Sneakers.

Finish the following¦
My hidden talent is remembering random facts, such as license plate numbers.
My guiltiest pleasure is absolutely anything covered in dark chocolate.
Happiness is¦getting a sitter and grabbing a seat for maybe the first time that day. Bliss.

Any parting words for your fellow style Ëgrammers out there?
Even as a busy mom, you can still look your best with the right pieces and smart shoppingI always feel better when I spend a little time on myself in the midst of‚ cleaning up spills and‚ chasing kids.