Make It Happen: Ornament Gift Toppers

December 15, 2014

Make It Happen:
Ornament Gift Toppers

What if we told you that with a single how-to, you could create gift tie-ons that double as ornaments, get rid of those too-tiny-to-use wrapping paper scraps (at last!), and best of all, delight your nearest and dearest? Crafty blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth is here to turn that What if into a What are you waiting for? Her decorative doodad takes only moments to create, but adds a personal touch that’s present-perfect. After all, as Ashley says, Å“It’s all in the delivery!



Small bowl
Matte Mod Podge
Papier mache or ceramic ornaments
Wrapping paper scraps
Metallic wax finish (we used Rub ˜N Buff in Gold Leaf)


imageBegin by cutting strips of wrapping paper, about 3″ by 1″; the smaller the strips, the easier they’ll adhere to the surface of your ornament.

imageWhen your wrapping paper is prepped, brush Mod Podge onto both sides of each strip and smooth them onto the ornament with your fingers. Press firmly to remove any air bubbles under the paper and ensure that the edges lay flat.

imageContinue this process until the entire ornament is covered,
and then let it dry for 12-24 hours.

imageWhen your ornament is completely dry, use your finger or a paintbrush to add dabs of metallic finish here and here. It does wonders to tie all the colors
and bits of paper together.

imageTie your ornament atop a gift and tuck it under the tree!

Pretty your presents with more wrap, ribbons and tie-ons,right this way.

Photography by Jared Smith