Make it Happen: Bows and Feathers

December 4, 2014

Do you ever wonder how our store visual team dreams up all of those enchanting holiday displays? We’ll let you in on a little secret:‚ they enlist the help of magical elves! Ok, ok, not really. Though our stores do resemble Santa’s workshop come December, our visual virtuosos are real people who are really skilled at using ordinary materials in extraordinary ways. To wit: trees decked out with bows and feathers made from cardboard, glitter and birch bark. As a little holiday gift to you, we present this festive how-to!


For the bows

Birch bark
Hot glue gun
Gold brads
Hole punch
Gold leaf kit

For the feathers

Natural feathers
Paint brush
Rock salt
Birch bark
Silver leaf kit



Use the diagramabove to cut one bow body, two tails and a center from the birch bark, canvas or a mix of both. Use the hole punch to cut holes in the bark or canvas as shown.‚ Following the instructions on your gold leaf kit, apply gold leaf to each bow element as desired.‚ Stack the elements together and fasten with a brad. Wrap the bow center around the spot where you secured the brad and hot glue in place to hide the brad.


Creating the feathers is simple: just let the materials shine! Try the ideas below, or make up a few of your own.

Feather dipped in rock salt:Brush glue all over the feather. Pour rock salt onto a plate or dish and dredge the feather through to adhere. Let dry.

Feather with glitter tips:
Brush glue only on the tips of the feather. Pour glitter onto a plate or dish and gently dredge the glued part of the feather to adhere. Let dry.

Birch bark feather with silver leaf:‚ Trace a feather shape on birch bark and cut out. Use the silver leaf kit to apply sections with leaf as desired.

Feather sprinkled with glitter:
Lightly brush a feather with white glue and sprinkle glitter over the feather to adhere. Shake off excess and let dry.

Birch bark feather dipped in rock salt:
Cut out a birch bark feather and brush the tip with glue. Dredge through a plate or dish of rock salt and let dry.

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