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Make It Happen: Monogram Denim DIY A neat trick...


Make It Happen: Monogram
Denim DIY

A neat trick for making a favorite pair of jeans—whether you’ve had them… >

Make It Happen: Monogram Denim DIY

How do you make a pair of jeans—whether you’ve had them forever or they’re newly acquired—unquestionably yours? Wearing them threadbare is certainly one way…but not exactly what we had in mind. How about putting your initials on them? Follow the lead of our art department whiz kid Audrey for two new ways to take your blues from “whose?” to trues.


Gather your supplies! Whether stitching or painting your monogram, you’ll need specific tools.

Another prep step: Audrey advises taking a practice run on a scrap of denim or other fabric before diving in.

For both: stencil

For stitching: thick cotton thread scissors pencil

For painting: fabric paint skinny paintbrush


If stitching is your style, pencil your initials into place (Audrey placed them right under the hip pocket) using the stencil. Then, using a simple running stitch, go over the tracing. Keep your stitches as close together as possible.


If you’re more of a monogram Matisse, press the stencil tightly against your jeans and use your brush to paint in your letters. Let each letter dry before moving onto the next so that the stencil doesn’t smear your work. Follow your paint’s instructions on how to set.


Now they’re yours, all yours!