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Master It: The Gallery Wall In the mood to...

Master It:
The Gallery Wall

In the mood to spruce up your space? Good news—no major… >

Master It: The Gallery Wall

In the mood to spruce up your space? Good news—no major overhaul required! By gathering photos, ephemera and art, you can create a gallery wall that tells a story and sets the tone for an entire room. But if you’re anything like us, spiffing up a whole wall can seem a little intimidating. Enter Erin Hiemstra, the San Francisco-based styling maven behind the blog Apartment 34.


We couldn’t think of a better person to give us a few tips on getting started—after all, her own home has been featured in Daily Candy, Design*Sponge and Refinery 29, among others. So get out your measuring tape, dust off your hammer and get ready to create a masterpiece.


Decide on your style. Are you Eclectic? Colorful? Architectural? A variety of frames, textures and sizes work well for a lover of eclectic wall art. If you’re looking for something more structured, consistency is key—think frame style, color palette, sizing and shapes.”

Play with scale. You can achieve a tailored look even when mixing pieces of various sizes and shapes. Try marking out a border on your wall ahead of time with tape—this gives even the most varied assortment some structure.”

Set a clear tone. I like to work within monochromatic color schemes so one single piece doesn’t outshine the others.”

Give your pieces room to breathe. I usually go for even spacing between each piece—at least 1.5 to 2 inches. This requires measuring and marking before you swing the hammer, but the results are worth it.”

Make it personal. Once you’ve settled on your larger framed pieces, don’t be afraid to add things you gather from around your home—cards, kiddie art, even your favorite necklace. These trinkets tell the story of your life.”

Keep evolving. My favorite thing about gallery walls? They’re so easy to switch up! By adding or subtracting one or two pieces, you can create an entirely new mood.”

Need an idea for your own gallery wall? Here’s a good place to start.