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It’s 5-O’Clock Somewhere: Bellini As the perfume...


It’s 5-O’Clock Somewhere:

As the perfume of ripening peaches lingers in August’s sunshine… >

It’s 5-O’Clock Somewhere: Bellini

As the perfume of ripening peaches lingers in August’s sunshine air, we’re fixated on the fruity elixir known as the Bellini. Named for its resemblance to the pink of a toga in a Renaissance painting by the artist Giovanni Bellini, this uncomplicated cocktail hails from Venice, circa 1948. Its simplicity is as alluring as its taste: all you need are white peaches (try to find them locally; it’s National Peach Month, after all!) and sparkling wine, preferably prosecco. Here’s the how-to on filling your glass.


(for one bottle of prosecco’s worth of Bellinis)

2 ripe, chilled whited peaches
1 chilled bottle of dry prosecco
1/2 cup of simple sugar syrup, to sweeten to taste (optional)
a food mill or food processor


Safely place your stemware in the freezer a few hours before you prepare the cocktail.

To make the syrup, mix a 1/2 cup of sugar with a 1/2 cup of water in a small saucepan. When the mixture comes to a boil over medium heat, immediately bring it to a simmer. After a few minutes, the mixture should be syrupy and heavy when touched with a spoon. At this point, turn off the flame and let the syrup cool. Once cool, bottle the syrup and place in the fridge.

Drop the peaches into a small pot of boiling water for a minute. With a slotted spoon, remove the fruit. Once cool to the touch, remove the loosened peach skin and push the peaches through the food mill. You can also use a food processor on the purée setting. You want the consistency of the processed peaches to be a lightweight, smooth purée. 

The ratio of prosecco to peaches is about 3 to 4 parts of wine to 1 part peach. With this in mind, measure out approximately 2 tablespoons of peach purée into each chilled glass. If using simple syrup, portion a 1/2 tablespoon into each glass. Next, top each drink off with prosecco.