One Duvet, Three Bloggers: Styling The Soft-Washed Linen Bedding

July 10, 2014

It’s no secret that we can’t get enough of our Soft-Washed Linen Bedding. In fact, many of us here at the Home Office have snatched it up for our own master or guest bedrooms. With its softer-than-soft feel and rainbow of hues, the styling possibilities are truly endless. To get a few ideas, we turned to the expertslifestyle and interior design bloggers from Lark & Linen, Shop Sweet Things and Amber Interiorsand asked them to share their vision for incorporating this versatile bedding into a room.

Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors


Two of your looks incorporated fur, as well as other varied textures. Do you have any tips for mixing textures atop the bed and in the bedroom?
Yes, yes, yes! I get asked often how to mix patterns and textures. Here is what I do: I take the pillows I think I like and I throw them all on the floor. The ones that seem to work the best together are the ones I end up using. Another tip is to use neutral bedding as a base, like we did in all these looks. It gives you some freedom when choosing your accent textiles.‚ ¨

Want to see all three of Amber’s looks?Read‚ the full Q&A.

Jacquelyn Clark of Lark & Linen


Who do you imagine would love this bedroom?‚
The best part about this room is that, at its core, it’s quite neutral which means most anyone can get on board with itand it’s easy to switch out little details should your vision change down the line. The soft blue bedding is fresh and inviting, and the gold accents feel glam, yet the entire vibe has a modern edge. If you’re looking for some serious brownie points, it could easily work as guest bedroom. But if you ask me, I’d be tempted to keep it all to myself!‚ ¨¨

What did you think about the bedding itself?
The linen is of the utmost quality and feels timeless, yet casual in the most perfect sense of the word. The best part is I know it will only get better with age.

Tell us about the artwork you chose.
The artwork is actually my own! It’s a series of photos that I’ve taken through my travels and then manipulated in Photoshop. They were shot in India, Halifax, British Columbia and Spain.‚


What inspired you to select and arrange the items on the bedside table?
Though I’m an interior designer, I have trouble coming to terms with the idea of unnecessary tchotchkes. These items are all things that I use regularly, and lend to my every day life: a stack of really great design books, a utilitarian (yet beautiful) lamp and a hot cup of tea!

Jeanne Chan of Shop Sweet Things


What inspired you to layer the bed the way you did?‚
I love bright colors, and the way to make a bold color pop is to surround it with lots of neutrals. Adding different textures with neutrals also makes the room more interesting and gives dimension to the space. It’s all about finding the right balance.‚

What did you think about the feel and weight of the linen bedding?
I love it! I’ve never had linen bedding before, but this set feels very soft against my skin. The weight is greatnot too heavy or light. I also love the relaxed look of linen. It’s different from the crisp and clean look I’d normally go for, but this is a good change, especially for the summer.


What inspired you to select and arrange the items on the bedside table?
All the items I selected are things that help me wind down for the day. A scented candle with a hint of floral and citrus helps me relax. I also like having a variety of lotions nearbyit’s nice to pamper myself each day with a scent that suits my mood. I love keeping my fine jewelry near me. My wedding band, my favorite pair of gold studs, my dainty necklacesit’s great to have a tray that corrals all my favorite pieces together.‚

What’s your sleep style?
I’m definitely a side sleeper. One who loves to curl up and snuggle with my blanket!‚