Blogger-Styled Bedding with Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors

July 9, 2014

Oh, linenso soft, so breezy, so very versatile. We could sing the praises of our Soft-Washed Linen bedding all day long, but since a picture is worth a thousand words, we asked interior designer Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors to style and photograph our all-star duvet for us (and for you).


What’s your design philosophy behind each look?
The goal was to make each of the rooms tell a different story. The Cali cool look has a laid back sensibilitya little beachy, a little bohemian, but very collected and effortless. The Mid-century look is a really loose interpretationI don’t ever like to take a style too literally, so I designed this room with Mid-century-style table lamps, side tables and slat bench, and then threw in some fun textures and patterns. The Boho room is really just meant to be a funky and colorful space. I added bright blankets, pillows, and a one-of-a-kind rug to show how color can add life.

We noticed each room included seating at the end of the bedwhy is that?
I love layers! Be it textiles or furniture, adding cool items to a room give it character. An extra bonus: a bench or a stool is a great place to put on your shoes or just chill out.


You hung mirrors above the bed in one look and a tapestry in another. Tell us a little bit about your choice of above-the-bed wall art.
I wanted to show how you can totally transform a look with small changes. If you noticed, we did not have a headboard, so I used different methods to create visual interest above the bed. ‚ Adding mirrors gave the room one feel and hanging a tapestry gave it a completely different feel. I love options!

Two of your looks incorporated fur, as well as other varied textures. Do you have any tips for mixing textures atop the bed and in the bedroom?
Yes, yes, yes! I get asked often how to mix patterns and textures. Here is what I do: I take the pillows I think I like and I throw them all on the floor. The ones that seem to work the best together are the ones I end up using. Another tip is to use neutral bedding as a base, like we did in all of these looks. It gives you freedom when choosing your accent textiles.


What inspired you to use the colors that you did in each look?
The rugs had a lot to do with it. I chose colors based on the colors in the rugs. The neutral linen bedding allowed flexibility to really layer on the textiles.

Who do you imagine would love each bedroom?
I would hope all different types of people would love the spaces! I feel like everyone should have a fabulous place to wake up to every morning, so your bedding is really important. I love this new linen line and it’s affordable enough for a guest bedroom or a master. I say put it in both rooms!

What’s your sleep style?
I take sleep really seriously. If I had to give my sleep a style I would say, effortlessly relaxed. I like a down comforter with a linen duvet cover, no flat sheet and two down pillowssimple and cozy.‚

What’s the last thing you dreamt about?
I had a dream that I was teaching my four-year-old how to driveweird since she is only four, but it’s a reminder that it all goes so fast so enjoy every second of life!

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