Cancer Stylescope

June 23, 2014


Who’s crabby? Why, certainly not you, dear Cancer. In fact, we predict you’ll be feeling grand all month long. With sunny skies, warm waters and, of course, your birthday on the horizon, these next few weeks are destined to be effortless and lovely—just like you! We’ve consulted the stars and divined nine must-haves to help you celebrate in style.


01: Although most would never deign to prepare their own birthday meal, we know you love cooking more than almost anything else, and this book contains some of the most delectable recipes this side of the cosmos.

02: Picnic, anyone? Gather your nearest and dearest, pack some of those dishes you just whipped up, find the closest beach, and relax on a cool-blue throw.


03: Now, let’s talk birthday dress. Every gal needs a stunner for her special day, but you’ve never been into anything flashy. Thisshibori numbermakes a statement, while keeping your look sophisticated.

04: Even when travel’s not in the cards, you love to wear pretty little somethings that remind you of far-flung locales and the sound of crashing waves.

05: Meet your newsignature scent. With notes of coconut, tiger lily and tonka bean, it’s floral, fresh and reminds you of your beloved beaches.


06 & 07: You are a child of the moon, so it’s only natural that your Official Zodiac Metal is silver. Get that fabulous lunar glow with accents like hoops and sandals.image

08: Being the creative type, you’ve got deep thoughts in spades. Pen your imaginative musings in this travel-sized graph book.

09: No one loves a memory more than you, Cancer. You’ve even been known to harbor a secret scrapbooking obsession (it’s ok, you can tell us). Grab this hi-tech Polaroid before you head out for birthday hijinks and capture every moment.


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