Meet The Model: Lin Rosenbeck

June 2, 2014


For Lin Rosenbeck, music has been in the air since birth. Every summer since she can remember, one of the largest music festivals in Denmark would come to her lake-filled hometown of Skanderborgit was here that she first began to dream of becoming a musician. Today, she is the lead singer and lyricist for the band Navnelƒ¸s, a Danish word which translates to Nameless. We were so captivated by Lin’s ethereal musicnot to mention her uncanny beautythat we asked her to model in our June catalog. She, in turn, created lyrics exclusively for us inspired by our shoot in the Palm Springs desert.


The desert sun rises over the mountains.
My California dream is taking off.
I got my backpack and my guitar case.
Take a ride to East Palm Drive.
The desert mountains reflect the strong sun on my skin.
I feel the hot sand between my toes.

Despite the mountains’ overwhelming beauty
my thoughts are drawn towards the cool blue waters.
As the sun sets, a long day is over,
and me and my friends surround ourselves
with guitar playing and laughter.
Days pass me by among beautiful, crazy people.
But my backpack is waiting; I feel the urge for traveling.

lyrics by Lin Rosenbeck