Meet the Maker: Mara Hoffman

May 27, 2014

It was written in the stars: one of our most beloved swimwear designers chose us to introduce her inaugural home goods line. Featuring the signature otherworldly prints born of her love for mysticism and astrology, each piece in Mara Hoffman’s Anthropologie-exclusive collection has us over the moon. Listen in as the designer dishes about stag heads, third eyes and her personal decorating style.


How have you incorporated elements of your daily lifestyle into the collection?
I’m a pillow person. My couch is covered with an eclectic mix of pillows my husband and I have picked up over the years from around the world.

What’s your living space like? How does it reflect your personality and aesthetic?
Our home is like a big collage. My husband is an artist so we have styles that blend together really well. We love to collect things that have special significance. We also have a kid now so our house has changed, but we try to integrate everything.


Are there any pieces in your home that you find particularly inspiring or meaningful?
We have a carved wood stag head hanging on the wall in our living room that my husband and I bought together as a wedding gift to each other.

How is the process of designing for the home different than designing apparel or accessories?
The biggest difference is that we don’t have to be concerned with how things fit. That being said, it’s important that pieces in a home collection can live with other designs on a daily level, unlike clothes that you can constantly switch out.

Some of your new pieces feature the third eye. Tell us a little bit about the significance of this symbol:
To me, it symbolizes another realm of awareness that has the ability to connect us on a deeper level. We usually sneak an eye or two into every collection.