Thinking Pink (and Mint and Lavender, Too)

April 17, 2014

Could be the warming temperatures, the brightening sun or the blue-again sky, but suddenly everything in our world is coming up pastels. To find out who else was feeling similarly peachy-keen, we asked our pals around the Home Office to share some of their personal pastel thingamajigs. Here’s the happy-go-lucky scoop.


My favorite pastel items remind me of home: these mini paper lanterns are from a Savannah flea market.”‚
“ Halligan N., art director

“The stamps have been passed down through my family; most have come from old letters and postcards that my grandfather, who traveled quite a bit, sent to my grandmother. Some of the letters are mine now, and I have loved learning about my grandparents through their correspondence.”‚
“ Christine K., prop stylist

“Mint reminds me of summers growing up on the beaches of Southern California. After playing in the water all day, we’d go to the ice cream parlor and I’d get two scoops of mint chocolate chip goodness in a waffle cone. It was a race against the heat to eat it before it melted all over my hands.
“ Jen B., studio coordinator

This vintage radio was handed down to me by my great auntie. She used to have fabulous dinner parties where it played all night in the background.
“ Bryanna M., content marketing manager

Every Easter, I look forward to two things: scouring our family room for handpainted eggs, and nearly cracking my teeth on handfuls (and handfuls) of Jordan almonds. The pink ones are the best!
“ Emily F., copywriter

I used to live next-door to a woman who had an amazing collection of vintage things. I used to go over for tea and admire everything. Once, I told her I liked this comb and mirror set‚ and she sent me home with it! She was very generous, and it always reminds me of that way of being in the world.
“ Allison D., copywriter

I lived on Lake Erie growing up, and almost every evening in the summer my parents and I would take a walks on the beach to collect sea glass. I keep jars of it in my apartment as a reminder of home.
“ Maddie B., merchandiser

About five years ago my older sister moved from Pennsylvania to Colorado and my mom and I drove her out there. We found the milkshake blender at a vintage shop on the way. Just so happens I love ice cream!
“ Katie H., stylist