Make it Happen: Moroccan Mint Tea at Home

February 28, 2014

In Morocco, we discovered drinking tea is like breathing airit is simply what one does. Served strong, sweet and steaming hot, mint tea is central to a Moroccan’s social life and cultural experience, and is lingered over all hours of the day. We drank our fair share during our excursion (truth be told, we did request it sans sucre from time to time), and even settled in at Tangier’s legendary café Tingis for a few glasses while exploring the souk. Upon returning stateside, we longed to recreate the experience as best we could, using lots of fresh mint, ornate little glasses, andsteady hands alertthe dramatic flourish of the high pour.



10 sprigs of mint, plus extra for garnish
3 tablespoons loose green tea
3 tablespoons sugar, or to taste
4 cups water


Boil the water and pour a small amount in your teapot to get the pot nice and warm. Combine the mint sprigs, tea and sugar in the pot and fill with the rest of the hot water, steeping for a few minutes. Fill one glass with the tea and then pour it back into the pot, to dissolve the sugar and mix the flavors together. Repeat another time or two. Thepiece de resistance: when ready to serve, pour the tea into the glasses from a good distance above the cups. This will aerate the tea and create a nice foam on the surface of your drink. Garnish with the extra mint and enjoy with a good conversation.