Meet the Maker: Andrea D’Aquino

February 28, 2014

Although she’s lived in the West Village for the last 20 years, artist Andrea D’Aquino feels inexplicably drawn to the colors, shapes and designs of Morocco. It was a happy accident when we stumbled upon her brilliantly collaged work on Pinterestjust like that, we had found the perfect collaborator for our Morocco-themed lookbook. Here, Andrea dishes on the series, her creative process and life as an artist in NYC.


How do you create the collage effect in your pieces?
I cut up, tear, chew, and otherwise mutilate paper that I’ve painted or printed on. Even paper that I’ve just used as scrap to protect a work surface, I’ll look at it and think, well, that looks better than anything I could paint on purpose. Accidents are more organic, spontaneous, and interesting. I basically make a mess, then sit down with it later, draw on it and refine it so that it makes some sense. Ok, I don’t really chew paper.


Tell us about your workspace.
It’s not easy to have the luxury of space in NYC. My workspace is in my home, so, it is comfortable. I’ve got nice windows with a view of actual sky (not just buildings!), and I live very close to the Hudson River. Having my dog, a schnauzer named Marcello, here is another big upside to having a home studio.


What’s in your toolbox?
X-Acto knife, boxes of color-organized paper, paint, charcoal, glue. I rarely use expensive or fancy art supplies. Also, I couldn’t live without my Mac. Everything I do is scannedoften in piecesand from there I tend to layer and edit where necessary.


What do you love most about the Moroccan Series?
The pieces in this series came very quickly and naturallythe best ideas seem to be the most effortless. Of course, I still have to put in the time and intention, but if you keep up your end of the bargain, I do believe the universal energies around us take care of the rest.

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