Found for $50: Morocco

March 1, 2014

Our catalog shoots present invaluable opportunities for us to explore far-flung locales, experience new cultures, leave comfort zones behind, and ok, shop shop shop! For the March book, we headed to Morocco, first to the bustle of Tangier and then up into the Rif Mountains to the mysterious blue city of Chefchaouen. In both places we found ourselves navigating the close, twisty alleyways of ancient souks, engaging in genial haggling with shop proprietors (uncouth as it feels at first, it really is part of the experience), and coming away with some of our most cherished mementos yet. Here, three Home Office explorers share what they procured on a $50 budget.


Richmond T., Styling Director
Berber Necklace, $30
I have a huge jewelry collection, in part because I try to find a new piece every time I travel. It’s the best souvenir because it doesn’t take up suitcase space, and reminds me of my travels every time I wear it. I found this Berber necklace in a marketplace in Chefchaouen. I chose it for its scale, but the shopkeeper told me that each medallion represented a different Berber tribe; I can’t wait to research more about the tribe I chose.

Fossil Rock, $20
I recently started collecting different rocks and crystals, so when I saw this piece of African fossil rock in a shop I had to have it. I loved its spherical shape and marbled coloring.

Notebook, Free
The kind owners of our hotel in Tangier gave a few of us notebooks to take home as keepsakes. The cover art is a collage of Tangier rooftops photographed by a local artist. Pocket notebooks like this always come in handy for work and this one will remind me of our journey to this incredible city.


Susy K., Chief Marketing Officer
Horn Bracelets, $6 each

I bought these horn cuffs and bangles from the charming proprietors of our hotel in Tangier, who stocked a wonderfully eclectic assortment of local wares in their in-house boutique. I wear them with painted horn cuffs my sister bought me in Senegal. I like horn jewelry because you can achieve a large-scale look without bulk or weight.


Emily M., Copywriter
Blankets, $30
I bought these blankets in Chefchaouenthe town has weavers’ workshops, and textiles everywhere. I was drawn to the blue-striped blanket because it matched the walls of the city. Women in Chefchaouen wear red-striped fabric like this tied high around their waists, over their regular clothes. I’m not quite sure what I’ll do with it yet, but I like having it around.

Bowls, $10, and Hand of Fatima, $5
While the rest of the team was occupied at our photo shoot at in the middle of Tangier’s souk, I snuck away and browsed the shops. I bought the metal-rimmed ceramic bowls for my friends in the office and the hand of Fatima amulet for myself. It’s everywhere in Tangier; it’s supposed to ward off the evil eye!

Vintage Book, $5
I found this book at a bookstand we photographed in Chefchaouen. It’s for my best friend who is obsessed with Ë80s teendom and all things French. I could only muster enough high school French to guess at its contents, but it seems to be some sort of guide on personal style.