Push Play Project: Meet Madi Diaz

February 14, 2014

Ahead of a certain little music festival in Austin, we sat down with Madi Diaz, one of our favorite new musicians and the latest to join our Push Play Project. (Catch her at our Austin store on March 8!). Madi gave us get the scoop on her upcoming album, her dream outfits (onstage and off) and what it’s like to perform in your dad’s Frank Zappa tribute band.


You grew up near rural Lancaster County, Pennsylvaniahow did that inform the way you approach singing and songwriting?
My parents were incredibly passionate, self-driven people. They would kick my brother and me out of the house for the day and tell us that if we were bored, it was our own problem. We lived in the middle of nowhere, so we had a lot of time to get lost in the surrounding cornfields, follow old deer paths and build forts. Growing up like that definitely helped me learn to be okay with being alone, especially during my writing process.image

Is it true that your father played in a Frank Zappa tribute band?
It’s true! I think he still sits in with them from time to time. Every time they came through Boston while I was in college, I would get up on stage and join my dad. Sometimes, I would even get a couple of friends together to learn the songs and give the band a whole group of back-up singers.


What’s your dream outfit to wear onstage? How about offstage?
I’ve had this vision for ages of wearing a sequined hoodie for my stage get-upsomething easy to move around in, but still flashy. I would wear it with black short-shorts and some rad sneakers.‚

Offstage, I love my high-waisted skinny jeans. I usually pair them with a t-shirt and leopard pumps.image

Word on yourInstagram‚ is that you have some new music on the way. What can we expectand when?
I amsoexcited about my new record. This past year has been a crazy onecrazy in love, crazy out of love, lost without love, and then just wide open again. The record is incredibly honest. As for timing, I’ll be putting out a song in early March, and then dropping singles as we head into summer. Hopefully you will have the whole record by the end of the summer!


You’ve been playing and creating music for most of your life. Who are your biggest influences?
The one I turn to time and again is Fleetwood Mac. I’ve also rediscovered my love for Interpol and Kate Bush and been inspired by records from Daughter, London Grammar and Susanne Sundfƒ¸r. ‚ Also, I’ve totally lost it on an airplane listening to Nick Drake. And gotten up a few tough hills during my morning runs thanks to M.I.A.