In the Stars with Mara Hoffman

January 8, 2014

We can’t help but feel a bit spiritually curious this time of yearwondering what’s in the stars, in the cards and in store for us for the next 12 months. For an otherworldly perspective, we turned to designer Mara Hoffman, whose swimwear is brilliant with mystical motifs, for some astrologically-minded intel on her collections, her inspiration and what 2014 will bring.

We have to ask: What’s your sign?
I’m an Aries with a Capricorn rising and Leo moon.

You’re a big fan of tarot cards and astrology. Can you tell us how that influences your designs?
The theme always encompasses the cosmos, whether that is directly or indirectly. Our upcoming Fall Ë14 collection is probably the closest to a direct reference as we’ve done. We used a lot of astrological visual motifs.

Is there a predominant sign that you find yourself attracted to as friends or coworkers? For example, is everyone in your office a fire sign or a water sign?
Our office is a good mix of elements. We have a big Aquarius group and as well as a few other Aries. I also need some strong earth signs like Capricorns to take care of serious business. As far as my friends go, my besties are a mix of Aquarius, Pisces, Gemini and Taurus.

Any major astrological events we should take note of this year? Mercury in retrograde: real or not real?
Watch out for the three times that mercury will be in retrograde! It’s definitely real!

What do you find most visually inspiring? Are there any shapes or signs that you find yourself coming back to time and again?
I’m constantly inspired by geometrics and nature motifs. In every season I always come back to geometrics and animals.

Which zodiac sign do you feel is most strongly tied to Anthropologie?
Clearly, Aries are definitely tied to Anthropologie because I love Anthro! I see the Anthropologie girl as a dreamer, so I would say Pisces, Libras and Cancers would be particularly drawn to it.


Illustration by Mara Hoffman.