Gifts for the Guys

December 13, 2013

What do men really want? Well, let’s narrow this down a touch: what do men really want for Christmas? We turned to some of the gents here at the Home Office to see what’s at the top of their lists and what’s on the top of their pie-in-the-sky dream gift liststrek to the Arctic, anyone?


Steve Mair, Manager of Web Production
Å“The Fine & Dandy Comb. As I’ve grown up and out of my perpetually shaved head phase, I appreciate a nice head of hair, but it can be hard to manage¦ the wind, wearing hats in the winter, the constant tousling by affectionate co-workers. My dad always had his trusty comb hiding on the top of the medicine cabinet, which made daily appearances before he left for work each day. It may have been an unassuming tool in his arsenal, but it was reliable and has far as I know he still has it. I could see holding on to the Fine & Dandy for 30+ years.

Dream gift: Å“I’ve always loved Jeep Wranglers but never owned one, so this Filson Edition AEV Brute is the stuff of my dreams.


Aaron Hoey, Executive Director & General Merchandising Manager‚
Å“I’m obsessed with artwork and color, so Eggert Petursson: Paintings is on my list. And the Crystalline Decanter because I always need more barware for entertaining. I tried to stick to affordable things, but I couldn’t resist a couple of fantasy items from our amazing one-of-a-kind assortments! I own three pieces from Pierre Malbec already, but I love his BathtubI mean come on, who does this!? And the Zebra Sculpture by South African ceramicist Nico Masemula. I love how playful and naƒ¯ve it is, plus, the zebra is my girlfriend’s favorite animal and it reminds me of her.

Dream gift: Å“A month off from work to reset myself in my life. I have been fortunate enough to travel to about 60 countries in my life but there are still so many places I’ve never been.


Richmond Tan, Director of Styling, Catalog and E-Commerce
I’m not a huge fan of resolutions, but this year I’ve decided I’d like to try cooking more and eating healthier. I’m obsessed with the Shiba cookware line from Italian design house, Alessi. Its sleek minimalist design is inspiration enough to start cooking today. Hopefully, I’ve been good enough this year to have it waiting under the tree.

Dream gift:: Å“A culinary eating tour through Japan!


Lance DeWalt, Visual Director Home Merchandising
“I’m not a fan of electronics since they generally come in black and look awkward in my loft. I like the Howard Reconfigured Radio because I can see it working into my living room.

Dream gift: Å“A personal chef for a month. My partner and I love to cook and I think it would be fantastic to learn to make wonderful meals every night and really experimentwe are good, but we could be great!


Chris Sotz, Direct Merchandising Manager, Home
“To keep my winter beard looking good while on the go, I want the Prospector Co. Vials Kit of beard oils and aftershave in amazing packaging.

Dream gift: Å“I’d love a trek into the Arctic to see the Aurora Borealis¦ followed by two weeks sun and sea in Bora Bora, of course.