Eugenia Kim and the Legend of Cottonball

December 4, 2013


You may have heard the lore behind the launch of Eugenia Kim‘s career: after an awkward haircut, she fashioned a feathered cloche to disguise her wayward mane and turned out to be a millinery prodigy, catching the eyes of fashion editors and buyers alike. But what you might not know is that Eugenia’s fashion-forward ingenuity is matched by a mile-wide whimsical streak. Take, for instance, her Fifi Stole, the majorly cute, sweetly oddball handknit wrap featured in our Wants & Wishes Gift Guide. It has so much personality that we knew there had to be a story behind it, so we got the sidesplitting scoop from Eugenia herself.

On the pup that inspired it: Cottonball was my toy poodle. He had short stubby legs and a Napoleon complex. He was extremely aggressive, provoking fear in even the largest of the neighborhood dogs, and he routinely bit my friends. Secretly though, he just craved affection. He was decidedly malemy mother used to send him to the groomers, and he would come back shaved with pom-pom legs and pink bows on his tail. He would immediately bite the bows off.


On Cottonball’s foodie leanings: He loved eating my mom’s Korean food. She would give him leftovers, but sometimes he would jump on our dinner table to eat. My mother tried to train him not to eat her food by putting really hot red peppers in with her galbi, but no matter how spicy her food was, he kept coming back for more!

On gazing into his soul: Cottonball’s white fur made him appear cute, cuddly and angelic from afar, but up close you could see the intensity in his eyes. Likewise, the cozy wool-and-alpaca boucle yarn I used to make Fifi belies the power behind its big, black Swarovski crystal eyes.

On his more mellow moments: He had a pillow where he always hung out, that gave him a view of our yard. He spent many sunny days looking pensively outside the window from that pillow.

On dogs vs. cats: As far as pets go, I am definitely a dog person. In regards to design, aesthetic and personality, I am more of a cat personmy two best-selling designs this year have cat ears (one of which is the Felix Beanie), and I own over 30 items of clothing with cats on them. However, due to my animal allergies, I do not have any pets. I was almost given a Chihuahua for a Christmas present last year, but I had to say no!