Now That’s Entertaining: A Party with Our Personal Stylist

November 21, 2013

It’s nearly here! We’re on the cusp of party season and one thing is for sure: we cannot wait to don our festive finest and head to all the holiday shindigsor better yet, throw one ourselves. If you’re as eager as we are to play the hostess, our personal stylist Christina has five easy tips you won’t want to miss. Give them a look, and then we’ll get on to the other, equally as exciting aspect of parties: what to wear!


Poinsettias and paperwhites are as traditional as it gets, but holiday arrangements can (and should!) include much more. I love mixing in ferns and succulentslush shades and natural textures of green are as striking as a fancy floral design. You can even layer in a branch or twig from your own backyard.


“Did you know that delicacies double as décor? It doesn’t take mucha grouping of pears or a pomegranate can add wonderful color and enchance the Ëstill life painting’ appeal of your spread.


“Repeat after me: you can’t go wrong with a beer! Some of the older European brews have really beautiful labels and are stylish enough to live on your bar cart. This German beer happens to come from one of the oldest breweries in the world, which makes it a great conversation piece.


“I love the color of blood orange juiceit’s a beautiful shade that looks great in contrast to all the greenery without feeling too holiday cliché. Just add champagne and you’ve got your house cocktail!


“A mix of sweet and savory snacks is my go-to trick for keeping everyone fueled for the festivities. Forks and knives get fussy, so stick with things like cheese or macarons that are easy to pop in to your mouth in one or two bites.

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