On the Road: At The Paris Flea Markets

October 10, 2013

Our Head Curator Wendy is no stranger to flea markets, but she holds a special place in her heart for Marché aux Puces St-Ouenaffectionately known as Les Puces (the fleas)in Paris. She visits there at least twice a year, scouring its stalls for treasures to add to Anthropologie’s found collection. In honor of our Found In Paris gallery launch, we asked Wendy to share the highlights from her most recent expedition in the City of Light.


Å“I stop here every time I visit the market. It’s filled with bins and bins of beautiful bitshardware, chandelier pieces, you name it.


Å“You’ll not only find unique standalone items, but also entire collections that will take your breath away. These vintage paperweights are filled with dried flowersit’s like there’s a whole world inside each one.


Å“These 70s-era chandeliers are covered top-to-bottom in crochet.


Å“I often spot different trends throughout the market that can easily be incorporated into the home. Case in point, this grouping of mirrors. A collection of small ones instantly gives any space a curated look.


Å“The dealers not only sell incredible wares, but they’re are also skilled stylists. I love the museum-esque vibe of this stall. And that gorgeous panelingdon’t even get me started on that.

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