It’s 5 O-Clock Somewhere: G+T

July 26, 2013

Who isn’t on some sort of path to healthfulness nowadays? From sipping on green sludge to chowing down Mediterranean-style to Piloxing and paddle board yoga (yes, it’s a thing), everyone has their own idea of wellness. Ours, you ask? Why, tonic, of course: the original cure-all bevvie of choice of our British forefathers. And while nary a bout of malaria did it ever really cure, tonic still holds a soft spot in our hearts, especially when it’s spiked with a jigger of local gin.


2 oz Bluecoat gin
4 oz‚ tonic water
Lime wedges

Squeeze a wedge of lime into our Hot Air Balloon Glass, rubbing the pulp and rind along the rim. Pour the gin and the tonic, stirring neatly. Serve with a lime wedge.