Buyers’ Choice: The Trios Necklace

July 16, 2013

Our buyers sift and sort and curate, carefully picking out what they think you’ll love. While they’re big fans of all of the products in their particular class, every so often there’s one particular item that they love just a little bit more than the rest. Here our Accessories Buying Team comes clean about their personal best-in-class this summer, the Trios Necklace.


How did the Trios steal your heart?‚
We love the idea of pre-layeredthe work is already done for you!plus, the look of found vintage treasures paired together in a beautiful way. It’s easy, casual and light, just perfect for summer.

Style the Trios two ways.
Go casual and pair it with cutoff jeans, a tee and a pair of boots, or go fancy and wear it up over your favorite vintage dress.

How did you know that you just had to have this style in your assortment?‚
Our local friend and designer Maximal Art showed it to us and we fell immediately in love. We were feeling delicate and layered looks for this summer, but still with a bit of statement and color. This necklace fit the bill!

Why do you think our customers will love it?
The necklace is a piece she can wear forever; it already feels like a beloved heirloom from her great-grandmother’s closet.


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